As aviation tax consultants, we offer a broad range of aviation tax and accounting services to the general and business aviation community. Our firm focuses exclusively on aviation tax planning and accounting compliance for your aircraft operations. We take a co-sourcing approach, working with you and your trusted tax and legal advisors to ensure that you are getting superior services across the board.

Using our industry-specific expertise, we can help aircraft owners and advisors evaluate and implement customized aviation tax planning strategies that maximize income tax benefits for your aircraft operations while maintaining compliance and reducing audit risk. As aviation tax consultants and CPAs, we provide expert knowledge unique to the aviation industry while simplifying the process for our clients and their tax preparers.

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We have a passion for providing our clients with a knowledgeable and practical approach to aviation tax planning. Our co-sourcing model leverages the combined expertise of your trusted advisors and our team to offer cohesive tax planning and superior service across the board.

Our knowledgeable team can help with everything from evaluating and implementing the proper ownership and leasing structure to standard annual tax compliance calculations and excise tax reporting.

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What to expect from an initial aviation tax consultation?
  • Introductory call to discuss ownership structure and aircraft utilization
  • High-level tax discussion to identify tax planning goals, opportunities, and potential hurdles
  • A general overview of aviation tax compliance, including:
  • IRC 61 Imputed Income and SIFL Reporting for Personal Use of a Company Provided Aircraft
  • IRC 274 Entertainment Cost Disallowance and Income Tax Reporting
  • IRC 167, 168, and 280F Accelerated and Bonus Depreciation Eligibility Requirements
  • A brief discussion of common deduction limitations. This includes IRC 469 passive activity limitations, IRC 183 hobby loss rules, at-risk and basis limitations, etc.
  • At the end of the call, we will have a better understanding of your goals, operating structures and tax planning hurdles. From there, the real tax planning can begin.

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