Julianne Christensen is a CPA that specializes in private aircraft taxation and accounting with a focus on maximizing federal, state and local tax benefits while reducing audit and regulatory risk for businesses seeking to use their aircraft for business as well as personal travel. As an advocate of the efficiency permitted from utilizing private aircraft to facilitate and grow business, Julianne has dedicated her career to helping the business aviation community navigate the rules and regulations in order to properly account for personal and business use in aircraft operations.

Julianne was introduced to aviation as the CFO of a Part 135 charter operation. After helping that operation divest of their owned fleet and branch out into aircraft management under both FAR Part 91 and Part 135, she expanded her practice and co-founded Houck & Christensen CPAs, LLC to help other companies navigate the accounting rules and regulations as they pertain to private aircraft operations.

In addition to her current career in aviation taxation and consulting, she started her career as a CPA in public practice with a focus on federal and state income tax for various industries including aviation, oil and gas, equipment operating & leasing, real estate and many others. Julianne is an experienced Certified Public Accountant with a demonstrated history of working in the accounting industry. She comes from a strong computer and operations background and graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Wyoming.

In her spare time, she thoroughly enjoys spending time in the beautiful outdoors; rock climbing, skiing, and biking are some of her many personal interests. When time permits she also maintains AeroCPA, LLC a personal blog and media resource for aviation taxation.

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